Zeikel Slayer PE 3-4 POPPING/STICK 7'8"

Zeikel Slayer PE 3-4 POPPING/STICK 7'8"

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The Zeikel Slayer 7’8 PE 3-4 rod has a medium tapered action designed with the specialist requirements of fishing for apex ocean predators with surface poppers; mega long and repetitive casting with lures weighted up to 250g, explosive strikes, blisteringly fast runs, target species with bucket-loads of back-breaking stamina on tap… these are fish species that will bust or burn you as soon as you can shout, ‘I’m on!’

At 7’8 in length and rated at PE 3-4 line class the Slayer Series 7’8 PE 3-4 is ideal for targeting GT’s, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, King fish or Wahoo.  A premium fishing rod with multiple sport fishing applications, the Slayer 7’8 PE 3-4 fishing rod performs when the pressures being cranked all the way up by the oceans toughest fish.
The Zeikel Slayer 7’8 PE 3-4 was designed to take the fight to your target species, apply every last drop of hurt on them, and dictate the terms back in your favour.

Fishing for Australian saltwater fish species requires a fishing rod that can handle the demands that the tough piscatorial bruisers of Australia’s oceans impart on them.

Over two years the Zeikel Slayer Series were designed and perfected to meet these demands and thoroughly tested on a range of the angriest fish species swimming in our waters. Incorporating top quality components and the latest advancements in nanotechnology fishing rod design, the Zeikel Slayer Series are premium quality fishing rods designed for anglers serious about sport fishing and targeting trophy sports fish.

With seven models in the serious that range from top water popping rods, fast action rods, medium tapered outfits, a dedicated estuary rod and an egi rod, there is a premium Zeikel Slayer Series rod designed to meet the specific challenges of your target species.




PE 3-4

UP TO 180G


GTs, Spanish Mac, Tuna, Kingfish