Zeikel Classic Fishing Comp

Zeikel Classic Fishing Comp


The annual Zeikel fishing competition held in North Queensland, located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, is an exciting event for fishing enthusiasts. With crystal clear waters, pristine reefs and a diverse range of fish species, this location is perfect for anglers of all levels.

The competition offers great prizes , attracting participants from all over Australia. From cash prizes to fishing gear, the rewards are definitely worth the effort. The competition is not only about the biggest catch, but also about promoting sustainable fishing practices and raising awareness about marine conservation.

Situated 1.5 Hrs North of Townsville, Taylors Beach is perfectly located within reach to some of QLD’s best fishing. With the Palm Islands, Lucinda Jetty, and the GBR reef all within close range, this comp will be sure to please all types of Anglers.

Don't miss out, this is a great opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together and share their passion for fishing while enjoying the beautiful scenery and vibrant marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.




1. Participants must be over 8 years old. 2. Participants under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 3. Fishing equipment must meet safety standards and be approved by the organizers.  4. Participants must use bait and lures only and follow all regulations. Nb - No Spearing 5. Participants must familiarize themselves with all fishing rules and regulations and comply with them. 6. Participants must follow all instructions from the organizers and abide by any rules for the event. 7. Fishing in restricted/Green Zones or unsafe areas is strictly prohibited. 8. Participants must respect other participants’ property and belongings 9. Alcohol consumption while on the water must be in accordance with State laws 10. Any damages caused by the participant to the environment or the property of others will be the responsibility of the participant.  11. Any legal action arising out of the event shall be resolved in the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the State or Province where the event is taking place. 12. All vessels must be registered with the appropriate state or federal agency and have all the relevant safety gear/insurances. 13. Sponsors are not liable for any damages/Injuries caused by/to the participant. 14. The Host (Marine Media Pty Ltd)  is not liable for any damages/Injuries caused by/to the participant.  13. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event if weather or other conditions make it unsafe or impractical to continue.