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30L Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag

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Type: Backpack
Feature: Combo Dry Wet Bag
Model Number: pr0016
Capacity: 30L
Material: TPU
Bag Type: Waterproof dry backpack
Waterproof backpack capacity: 30L
Color of dry bag: Green Blue Pink
Roll top waterproof backpack: Floats safely dropped in water,dunkproof suitable for quick submersion
Breathable mesh bag: Carrying tightly strap surface waterproof,high intensity exercise
Swimming bag: Side mesh pocket fit for umbrella,big pocket with zipper
Dry sack: Kayaking boating rafting fishing hiking snowboarding camping floating
Hiking bag size: 30cm(L) 20(W) 55(H)
Boating bag: with Padded shoulder straps
How to use: Tightly sealed roll top 3 times keep 30 Liter main compartment water