Zeikel Bloodline – 6'0 PE 1-2 SPIN

Zeikel Bloodline – 6'0 PE 1-2 SPIN

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The Bloodline SERIES 6’ Light S is 6 foot in length and rated at PE 1 line class. This light spinning configuration fishing rod with a slow/medium parabolic action has been purpose designed to handle the rigours of jigging for some of the toughest apex predators in the ocean. Jigging with lures up to 100g for the oceans super speedy pelagic species of up to 15kg’s is what the Bloodline SERIES 6’ Light was just born to do.

Rhe Bloodline SERIES 6’ light is fitted out with top grade Fuji components and features an ergonomically designed EVA rod grip that is resistant to stress cracks and designed for maximum angler comfort in the heat of battle.

Bloodline SERIES 6’ light…You could say jigging is in its blood.

The Bloodline Range
Jigging for Australian sports fish requires a fishing rod that is purpose built to handle the extremes that jigging for the toughest fish in the Aussie ocean places on every single element of fishing tackle.

The Zeikel Bloodline Series was designed from the ground up with the dedicated jigging angler in mind and with no attention to detail spared. The Bloodline Series features the latest in generation 2 blank technology with in-built parabolic characteristics created through the use of nano technology incorporated in the Bloodline’s rod blank. This means the angler can put consistent pressure on the fish and maintain total control throughout epic and often brutal battles.

The Bloodline range is available in both spin and overhead configuration and is backed by Zeikel’s thirty day guarantee. With their luxuriant blood red colour finish, high gloss blanks, and striking red guides the Bloodline range simply oozes quality. These are rods that demand to be admired and handled, yet yearn to be thrust into battle.
There are eight jigging rod models in the Zeikel Bloodline range, from PE.8 through to PE8 meaning there’s a Bloodline series rod to capture the trophy fish you desire… You could say jigging is in their blood.



Slow/medium Parabolic

PE 1-2

UP TO 100G


Demersal Species up to 15 Kg, Pelagics up to 15kg