Z-Roll - Zeikel Roll Up Sportsfishing Carry Bag-W

Z-Roll - Zeikel Roll Up Sportsfishing Carry Bag-W

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 Have you been looking for the ultimate solution to carrying all your Topwater lures, jiggjng Lures and general Sportsfishing gear? Well the Z-Roll is your answer. 

Carry up to 30 poppers and/or stickbaits along with 20-30 jigs (depending on size) and terminal tackle all in one neat package that is easy to carry and very unique. 

The Z-Roll has been designed to meet the needs of the demanding Angler, there are no metal components and no Zips, so this bag will last a lifetime. 

Simply hose it down and wash your lures at the end of the day and watch the water drip away!

The handy “one lift” strap makes it simple to “roll up” no more cluncky zips that just fail.

Easy access velcro straps that allow the angler to reach for the right lure, quickly and easily! 

This is the Ultimate lure bag for anyone looking for a multiple storage solution for all your sportsfishing gear, no more clunky tackle boxes, no more oversized bags with rusty zips that just don’t last, the Z-Roll is your answer! 

*Contents not included 

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