Zeikel - Rattle Swim Bait

Zeikel - Rattle Swim Bait

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8 Jointed Swimbait lure. Available in 6 epic colours, these baits will give you the edge when everything else just doesnt work.

6-jointed floating swimbait originally designed for large Bass and pike, but equally at home here in Australia for everything from Barra to Coral Trout. Constructed with a tough abs plastic body that is supported by through wire construction to ensure durability, the Affinity features a unique joint section that creates a smooth sliding action during retrieve.

Quantity: 1 pcs
Length: 90mm 120mm 140mm
Weight: 10g 21g 33g
Material: ABS+Fabric
Joint: 8 joint Fishing Lures
Action: Smooth Glide, Sinking

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