Zeikel Slayer 6-10kg 7’8 Flatz

Zeikel Slayer 6-10kg 7’8 Flatz

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Looking for the ultimate Flats rod to catch Trout, Bass, Wrass and the like?  You need to check out the 6-10 Kilo Flatz fom Zeikel.

The Zeikel Slayer 7’8 6-10kg rod has a fast tapered action with ample grunt to take on the sorts of species that you’ll encounter on the flats. At 7’8 length and 6-10kg line class it is the ideal fishing rod for light stickbaiting or popping for big angry coral trout, wrestling wrasse out of danger, or tackling medium size GT’s. The Zeikel’s Slayer 7’8 6-10kg is a premium fishing rod with multiple sport fishing applications that performs when the pressures being cranked all the way up by the oceans toughest fish.

With the ability to cast up to 180g lures and fitted out with quality Fuji components, this rod is designed to handle the sorts of species that if targeted with lesser equipment will have you back in the coral and busted off in the blink of an eye.

Fishing for Australian saltwater fish species requires a fishing rod that can handle the demands that the tough piscatorial bruisers of Australia’s oceans impart on them.

Over two years the Zeikel Slayer Series were designed and perfected to meet these demands and thoroughly tested on a range of the angriest fish species swimming in our waters. Incorporating top quality components and the latest advancements in nanotechnology fishing rod design, the Zeikel Slayer Series are premium quality fishing rods designed for anglers serious about sport fishing and targeting trophy sports fish.

With seven models in the serious that range from top water popping rods, fast action rods, medium tapered outfits, a dedicated estuary rod and an egi rod, there is a premium Zeikel Slayer Series rod designed to meet the specific challenges of your target species.





UP TO 180G


Demersal Species up to 15 Kg, Pelagics up to 15kg