Zeikel Slide - Jig and Spin fishing rod

Zeikel Slide - Jig and Spin fishing rod

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At Zeikel we know fishing, we are about creating products that meet the demand of Aussie fisherman by creating unique and innovative sports fishing gear, the NEW Zeikel Slide is a prefect example of this, years in concept and first to market, this little weapon is an ingenious peice of kit, allowing the angler to fish multiple fishing applications with one reel and one rod, Jiggin' and Spinnin' - JUST SLIDE.

With an extendable base and tip section you can customise your fishing experience by simply sliding the base and/or tip in or out.

If you like jigging, extend the base and insert the tip, the Zeikel slide will transform instantly, see a few birds on the horizon? no probs, extend the tip and insert the base and start spinning! WALAH!

All this is done in a simple slide motion and most importantly without compromising the blanks integrity or strength.

This is a WORLD first concept and we are pretty dam pumped to share it with our customers.




Guides: Fuji

Reel Seat: Fuji

Length: From 6'2 to 7'

Cast Weight: JIG 60g - 120G, SPIN 20g - 90g

RATING: 4-8 KG (PE 2-3)





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