About Zeikel

About Zeikel

More than just a business that sells fishing gear, Zeikel is a brand dedicated to the love of the Saltwater and the lifestyle that it provides. Specialising in a range of dedicated sports fishing gear, for Topwater and Jigging the brand has successfully  addressed the need in the fishing market to provide quality gear at affordable prices to their loyal customers all around the world.

Founder Billy Dimitropoulos has spend his life traveling the world chasing exotic fish, in 2014 he designed a range of fishing rods that complimented his style of fishing and today Zeikel is a household name. Supplying gear to over 10 countries the brand has grown significantly in this time and is associated with Many industry leading brands.

Our team at Zeikel understands fishing and what it means to us fisherman. Zeikel’s range of gear includes rods, lures and apparel, all of which complement the obsession and sometimes crazy sport we call fishing.

Zeikel does not distribute via traditional methods, we are an on-line only company which means we can offer our customers wholesale pricing, there are no sales mark ups, no retail rip off methods, just straight up quality product at unreal prices.

Whether you’re into popping, casting, trolling or spinning in the salt, we have a range of quality gear that we guarantee will give you the edge you need to be a better Saltwater Fisho.