Zeikel 150mm 85g Flatz wobbler

Zeikel 150mm 85g Flatz wobbler

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Flat Stickz is a popular lure designed in Australia that is highly effective in catching a variety of Australian species such as Trout, Bass, and GT's. The lure is designed to mimic the natural movements of small baitfish in the water, making it irresistible to predatory fish. The design of Flat Stickz features a slim, flat body that creates a realistic swimming action when retrieved, and its unique shape and colors make it stand out in the water, attracting the attention of nearby fish. The lure's design has been optimized for Australian conditions and species, making it a favorite among local anglers who swear by its effectiveness. Whether fishing in freshwater or saltwater environments, Flat Stickz is a go-to lure for anglers looking to hook a big catch.


Weight: 85g

Type2: Stickbait Long Casting High Quality Artificial Hard Bait

Type1: Sinking Pencil Fishing Lure

Type: Sinking Pencil Bait

Length: 150mm

Feature: Darting action, wiggling action 

Action: Sinking